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Melodia Bella (Beautiful Melody) January 27, 2009

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing.
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She sings sweetly and softly
Sifting sonnet and song
Into effortless lofting
Breathing sunset and dawn

Cup your ear in exaltation
Listen closely to her flare
Her clapping will fall gently
All who hear will be aware

She moves melody neatly
Past fellow to foe
Inhaling Sundays so sweetly
Past panes of windows

Once she whispered no words
To a horseman of hoods
And cloaked a sweet child
Alone in the woods

Her cup is not empty
But hollow to hold
Her skirt is so tempting
To place finger to fold

As willows wisp sideways
She sips sunrise and reaps
The deep shadow of days
And on the morrow repeats

© 2005 Argonaut