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The Poetry of Politics February 7, 2008

Posted by Jason Keath in america, Creative Writing, Life, love, Poem, Poetry, prose, spoken word, Writing.

While that phrase sounds odd, and while everyone has probably seen the will.i.am tribute to Obama’s Yes We Can speech, I still feel the need to mention it. Besides will.i.am, I have counted a dozen or so others online that have already chimed in with their own lyrical “Yes We Can”.

The combination of what has to be some damn good writers, Obama’s undeniable charisma, and a willingness by his campaign to break the mold and not be afraid to inspire people for the sake of inspiration, for the sake of hope – has all combined to create some of the most impactful political speeches since Reagan, since JFK, since King. Whether you agree with his politics or would ever consider voting for him, you have to admit, he inspires.


It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation. (more…)

Spoiled Words November 3, 2007

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, Life, love, Poem, Poetry, prose, Writing.

Reach up towards threatening words and close them in your hand. Squeeze them tight, and let no light, reach such poetic sands. Let no grain of prose based pain, drip from grasp to ground. When true joy you find, a lover to bind; echoes of elation will sound.

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