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Fable Child October 14, 2008

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing.

Rascal trail
A frosty way
Rogue directions
Filth and fray
Tussle, fight, screaming sleigh

Salted rags
Unraveled sails
Soaking up
Sweat filled tales
Fuss, bother, worried whales

© 2007 Argonaut


1. Ceeej~ - August 19, 2007

ok seriously how can I add a pic on here so that little blank image of me, faceless and empty, isn’t representing all of my comments to you?? lol

anyways LOVE this one, very very much! Love the images, love the visual, the description,

worried whales..LOVE IT.

I am sure if I wrote about the samd thing, it would be very dark and depressing. You kept this one interestingly lighthearted considering the topic. Maybe the topic is a little unclear…I pictures ice fishermen or those brutes that go to kill the seals…whalers? either way, blood and ice together make for a pretty harsh environment for poetry…


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