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Untitled 9-21-08 September 21, 2008

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, health, Life, love, Poem, Poetry, Writing.

I am waiting for a glimmer of who I thought I was.
The single most motivating charade
On my horizon is a hope,
Hope that the person I think I can be, will be.
That the fantasy of my future self
Will one day be my reality, my present.
Tomorrow, today.
My flaws, my past.
My accomplishments, legend.
My happiness, constant.
But then I realize that mistakes are necessity.
That constant happiness muddles peaks and valleys,
until everything is flat.
Flat is not life, flat is death,
The absence of energy,
The absence of spirit,
Ignorance of free will.
Constant happiness makes for no happiness.
Indulge the valleys for they are followed by peaks,
Indulge hatred for it encourages love,
Embrace flaws and mistakes,
But never stop striving for more,
Embrace, but do not settle.
Indulge, but do not surrender.
Strive for what is right,
Allow for setbacks,
And then rise above.

I was waiting for a glimmer of who I thought I was
I found I was always right here,
Falling, rising, trying, living.
My hope is in the present.
I am my future self.

© 2008 Argonaut


1. Kathryn - September 22, 2008

Very inspirational. I needed something like this today.

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