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Belle Fleur de Vigne (Beautiful Vine Blossom) August 16, 2008

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing.

Last night I had a dream
That life lived on a vine
Each of us in green
Waiting for our sign

Blossoms, all awaiting
A purpose and their time
To yield their true colors
And leave this naked vine

One bold Blossom creeping
Petals tempting light
Perfumed scent seeping
Into this sweet night

I mark this open Bloom
A soul finding its way
Discovering its life
By direction of the day

Many blooms do sprout
From this vine of age
All wanting out
To breach this tangled cage

I watch you bold Blossom
Simple beauty bright
As only tips of petals
Tempt my line of sight

On this day of light-let-in
You will surely weep
As days of happiness set in
With joyful tears to reap

Hope I send you Blossom
Full of colors stole
From a goddess’ grasp
To hold in your sweet soul

May your beauty’s untold heights
Grow bright for all to see
And the petals of your life
Persist to set you free

© 2005 Argonaut


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