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Unjust October 7, 2007

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, health, Life, love, Poem, Poetry, sex, Writing.

They chase a wall full
Of pride and old photos
Promising bull…shit
To slow swimming minnows
Stale is the plate
Of half eaten dinners
That sits home so safe
As soldiers get thinner

© 2007 Argonaut


1. Captured Spirits Photography - October 7, 2007

half digested dinners

2. hismuse - October 7, 2007

I think we were probably reading each others blogs at the same time. I’m still comtemplating yours. Nice.

3. Ruinn - October 7, 2007

Wow. Powerful in the simplicity. I adore this one, Jak.

4. Michelle Johnson - October 9, 2007

The image of thinner soldiers is very strong. Your work is always fresh and alive.

Keep up the good work.

5. loubird - October 9, 2007

This poem definitely says a lot, yet, without being blatantly partisan…I like it. I could see it expanded into a spoken word piece.

6. janetleigh - October 15, 2007

Powerful last line, jason, ought to shame those in charge of taking care of our soldiers needs. This is a somber, rebuke, well-crafted.

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