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Be Gracious August 19, 2007

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, Life, love, Poem, Poetry, Writing.

Once each day, breathpure and steptrue
Singfull and rockback, whisper poems into view

Once in a while, Smileshare and laughfree
Grinmighty and reunite the simple with glee

Amuse, beam, be tender, applaud, help, delight,
Reach a hand to a friend, give yourself a full life

© 2007 Argonaut


1. Ceeej~ - August 19, 2007

The shortness of your poems at first alarmed me, the staccato beat with short lines and brief thoughts….but you are so careful with choosing words that have a softness to them that it appears staccato only in form. My tongue likes your word choice and the ease of reading them aloud. Like the compund wording in this one too.

Very nice Jason.


2. jeques - August 25, 2007

Simple thoughts expressed in unique ways of playing with words making them extraordinary. Your style of writing is interesting making me read some more.

I wish you well ~ Jeques

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