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Who I would like to meet August 18, 2007

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, Life, love, Poem, Poetry, Writing.

A soul overflowing with
honor and grace
Living in sun
resting in shade
Swimming in love
Alive… Unafraid.

© 2007  Argonaut


1. Ceeej~ - August 19, 2007

I almost want the last line to be separated, two separate lines, one word each. Each of those two words are important enough to stop and take them in individually~ But I know whay they are where they are being true to form and structure….but some things can be bent and still keep the rhyme intact. Just a thought:)

I’d like to meet this person too!!

2. Jak - August 19, 2007

agreed. i played with that actually, but i need those words on the same line together. however they would benefit from some separation, allowing each to be taken in as you said. i will play with it, thank you.

3. Amanda Sanz - August 20, 2007

I love the flow of this one. Clear and to the point. Stay inspired!

4. rjlight - August 21, 2007

I love this one — very nice.

5. lydia2007 - August 24, 2007

I would love to BE this person!

6. jeques - August 25, 2007

Well stated thought expressed in brevity. Not a single word is wasted. Everything works well together to achieve clarity and refinement.

I wish you well ~ Jeques

7. janetleigh - October 6, 2007

What lydia2007 said. ;)
This one flows like a river to the sea. You say so much in economy of words.

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