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Forgotten Brood August 17, 2007

Posted by Jason Keath in Creative Writing, Life, Poem, Poetry, Writing.

“Forgotten Brood” is the working title of a novella I have been wanting to write for a while. I started on it this past month Below are 4 lines of verse I was inspired to write as the forward to the novella. I can’t give you any more details about it until I am farther along. But it is non-fiction and very much a mystery,

The secret of man is no secret at all,
On this pebble is an epic in hand.
His feet root firm despite a long fall,
Here in these pages is the secret of man.

© 2007 Argonaut


1. Ceeej~ - August 19, 2007

try to find another way to say what you say in the last line..replace “the secret of man” with an image…I like inner body references…
I love the pebble image, reminds me of Hamlet commenting that man is the “quintessence of dust”….go and read that soliloquoy and maybe that will help inspire you! I rented the movie a few days ago and fell in love all over again with the brilliance of Shakespeare!!

2. jeques - August 25, 2007

Very interesting excerpt from your novella in progress. It cast a magic spell that leaves me mystified wanting to read some more, though I know we have to wait. Looking forward to read the complete piece in a non-fiction book.

I wish you well ~ Jeques

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